Live Music for Janurary 2013 – Concert with Miriam Perez

miriam perezThe First in Live Music Concerts to be held at Tres Puertas Gallery for the year 2013 which is open and free to the public   will appropriately begin with Rincon very own talented and inspiring- Miriam Perez.

An artist/educator…and much more in her own rights-

Miriam is personable, accessible, and down to earth as a person.

As a Musician and artist, she inspires , encourages and uplifts those around her

by sharing the music that she loves.

Her music is beautiful, soothing, moving and simply touches you- even if you don’t speak the language ( her songs are in Spanish) you can feel the beauty and meaning  just by the feelings conveyed in her body movement and voice when she sings.

Miriam has published a couple of C.D which are currently sold at the Gallery’s gift shop Blue Mermaid Gift Shop @ Tres Puertas

Mirian will Perform live at :

Tres Puertas Gallery, 21 Calle Munoz Rivera ,Down Town, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Date:    Monday January 7th 2013

Time  6 pm – 8pm


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