Hello world!



Hi Everyone,

you have found us! And we are busy building our home page.

Our shop is open Monday – Saturdays 11 am – 5pm ( you may find us open later or open earlier depending on what’s happening)

We have wonderful plans in store for our community this year 2013!

*Winter Work shops- where you can complete a couple of projects you can be proud to say you have done and done well!

*Continued art classes- Drawing and painting combined for those who would like to brush up on their skills or maybe even fan the flames into existence.

*Special music and community events- featuring all local performing and visual artist

*A Monday Cafe- that will be opened only on Mondays serving coffee, tea, local organic fruit and herbal teas, and little delicious inexpensive treats throughout the day and when evening falls-  a little gathering of Poets for reading and good friends gathered. 7- 9pm ( more about that to come)


If you are away -We are established on the web please visit

The blue Mermaid

We can ship practically anything from our shop to you. Making sure you have a little bit of P.R in your life.



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